About Us

Friendship Force Houston was started in 1979 and has welcomed guests ever since. Located in Southeast Texas, 60 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, Houston lies in a flat, lush coastal area. Visit in the spring or fall; don’t come in the summertime because the “hotter than the here-after” temperatures and humidity might put a damper on your visit! And us.

Our 45 members exemplify the cultural diversity of our international city. Whether city dwellers or suburbanites, we all cherish the adventure of travel and the opportunity to develop the bonds of friendship with other cultures.

Friendship Force Houston is eager to share the sights of our city, our rich Texas history, and our low-keyed Southern hospitality with all of our guests.


When: fourth Saturday of each month (unless notified otherwise) at 11:00 AM
Where: Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Blvd, Houston 77042 (south of Richmond, inside Beltway 8 West)
What: speaker and/or presentation with potluck luncheon


When: second Saturday of each month (unless notified otherwise) at 6:00 PM
Where: various locations (see current calendar of events)
What: casual dining at various international restaurants around the Greater Houston area; ordering from the menu and paying by separate tickets; see calendar for specific locations each month


About the Region:

Houston, Texas is way more interesting than you’ve imagined. Houston:

  • is the 4th most populous city in the United States after Chicago.
  • is the largest city in the southern United States in total area. It can contain San Francisco, New York City, and Boston all at the same time.
  • has surpassed New York City as the most ethnically and racially diverse metropolitan area in the nation!
  • is home to America’s lucrative oil and gas industry, and to more Fortune 500 companies except New York City.
  • has the Port of Houston which brings in massive international trade, providing substantial income and job growth to our city.
  • is a Space City for a reason – home to the NASA Astronaut Corps and the Johnson Space Center, where Mission Control is located.
  • is proud to have the renowned Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions, containing 54 medical institutions, covering over 1,000 acres, receiving 7.2 million visits a year.
  • is filled with unique, world class museums – 19 fabulous museums in a 1.5 mile radius.
  • has one of the best culinary scenes in the country – 10,000+ restaurants representing more than 70 countries and American regions.
  • has the biggest Livestock Show and Rodeo in the world. Yee Haa!
  • ranks second in the United States for the number of theater seats in a concentrated downtown area, and is one of only five cities with permanent professional resident companies in all of the major performing arts disciplines: opera, symphony, ballet and theater.

About the “Journey”:

Visitors are generally delighted to visit our more notable sights – the City Center, Galveston Island, active working cattle ranch, NASA Space Center, numerous museums and sports complexes, and Texas historical landmarks. Group activities and dinner parties provide valuable social time. We also urge our guests to let us know of their special interests in order to make the experience truly memorable.